Christmas Shoeboxes:  a simple project with a profound impact

The Christmas shoe box ministry is a highlight of the year and makes a profound impact on the receiving families, but we can't do it without you. It's our friends all over the US and people like you, fill shoe boxes with small toys and necessities.  Cuirim Outreach gathers these boxes and gives them to grateful children in our areas of ministry. The shoe boxes go to Navojoa and Nogales, MX.

Your box will travel to Navojoa, a town about eight hours south of our center in Nogales, Mexico.  We have property in Navojoa where we're building the next monastic center.  Last year, these boxes were the center piece of our evangelistic outreach to well over 600 people.  On a yearly basis, church members in Nogales drive down to Navojoa with the boxes and hold a music and drama and evangelism event in two different neighborhoods.  Check out last year’s pictures on the Cuirim Outreach facebook page.

If you are packing boxes on the East Coast, the $10 shipping donation covers the cost of getting your box down to Navojoa.  If any of the $10 is left after paying the shipping costs, we will use the money for one of two purposes: helping some of the local, Nogales teens come on the trip, or to help fund the ministry in Navojoa.  

How to proceed:

  • Get your shoe box (uniform brown boxes 4” x 4” x 8”). sells them, or email Jaimie Wommack at

  • Choose whether you are filling a box for a Boy or Girl and the age of the child. Write on the box "BOY/Niño" or "GIRL/Niña" and the age range 2-4, 5-9, 10-14. Please mark the age on all boxes.

  • Purchase items from the list below. Please purchase only items that are listed, no candy/food/toothpaste. Please fill your box to the brim.

  • Fold your box closed. Do not tape.

    • If you are shipping several boxes or many, please send them in a 18x16 Medium sized shipping box. You can find these at Lowes. Drop your shoe box off at collection location or mail it to the Cuirim UPS Mailbox (CUIRIM OUTREACH 190 W Continental Ste. #216-102, Green Valley, AZ 85622). All boxes should be shipped by December 10th.

Items you can put inside (boxes 4” x 4” x 8” in size): 

  • 1 child’s toothbrush

  • Pens, pencils, small box of crayons

  • Pencil sharpener or eraser

  • As many small toys as can fit in the box (matchbox car, bouncy balls, hair accessories, tiny plush toys)

  • New children’s socks. Don’t worry about the size. If the size doesn’t fit the child who opens the box, he will trade with another child for a size that fits.

  • For older children/teens please consider t-shirts, pencils/pens, earphones, toothbrush, hair ties, etc.

*Please don’t send candy or toothpaste in the boxes.  It can attract bugs during the transport in Mexico.